By davidc

Tiny Tuesday (and Silly Saturday results)

Dbifulco is hosting TT this month (thanks Debbi!) and encouraged us to get out our macro lenses and extension tubes. Well if you're familiar with my journal you'll know that it doesn't take much to make me do that, so how could I resist?!

I'll present this as a "mystery blip" (I'll put the answer at the very bottom of this write-up) but if you've been a photographer from before the digital age I don't think you'll have any trouble knowing what it is. (The little round thing in the middle of the hole is about 1.5mm wide.)

Silly Saturday:
It was lovely to see so many blips (88 in total) for the inaugural First-Saturday-of-the-Month Silly Saturday challenge, in honour and in memory of blipper Admirer. I feel sure that she'd have been delighted to know that so many folk would want to continue this fun challenge which she started and hosted so well. I'm also sure that she would have had a really good giggle at many of them! My "Editor" and I had a great time looking through them all. Choosing Hearts and Honourable Mentions wasn't easy, to the extent that we ended up choosing 10 HMs as well as the 5 hearts, but many more were deserving of such recognition. Anyway, here goes with our choices:

Hearts (in no particular order):
inukshukne with her wonderful Window on the World featuring Patch the dog
madwill, who really went mad with eyes and a moustache for his Tree Folk
Skeena, whose Lockdown Locks are simply amazing
BikerBear, who spotted  a supermarket shopper who had been there for far too long - the queue must have been horrendous!
Honeycombebeach - well what can I say? - just look at her blip!! Like all of us, she approached this challenge with a mixture of sadness and anticipation but then said she could almost hear Admirer's voice saying, "Come on, step up - you can do this - surprise me with your silliness”!  Then she finished up with a very appropriate quote - do take a look.

Honourable Mentions (again, in no particular order):
Harebrain - who knew that starlings like to mimic meerkats?
Kipsie, with the onions queuing up for a long-awaited haircut
rosewiles7 - I never knew until now where sugar came from!
maura143 showing off her "Contented Cat" (we immediately thought of Alice in Wonderland)
Tigger101 - an incredibly scary Alien Cometh
riversider - desperate to ESREVER(!) the results of his favourite footie team's disastrous performance
AnnieBelle with her hilarious poser of a cat, saluting the Australian winter sun
Igor with his minimalist Space Man
Kiteseeker with such fabulous Topiary Silliness
deanna_pearce with Lewis the Lion enjoying a long-awaited post-lockdown blow-dry to his mane!

Phew!! All the silly blips were great. Thanks so much to all who took part, in memory of Admirer.

The next Silly Saturday will be on 1st August and blipper KangaZu has kindly agreed to host it. I'm suggesting that from now on we follow BikerBear's idea for the future tags, so that we'll tag our blips on that day "SilSAug20". I'll remind everyone nearer the time.

If you've read this far and don't know what my TT photo today is - it's the tip of an old cable release for an analogue camera (you know, those ancient things which recorded the image on film!! How strange!)

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