In Sync

Check out the two other blips I posted tonight: teeny tiny quail  and an acrobatic oriole.

It seems the less active I am during the day, the less I am motivated to do anything on the computer.  I'm also getting frustrated with the importing of my photos (to not where I want them) on this new computer, so that's created a bit of a disincentive.  So I'm a couple of days behind.

This is the same pair of cardinals I posted the other day when Papa was feeding his fledgling.  These photos were taken in the evening when the yard was completely in the shade.  It's the sequence of shots that's hysterical.  The blip is the first of the sequence. The two extras immediately follow it.  The little guy and the dad had their head and beak positioned exactly the same in all three unique photos.  It's absolutely incredible.  Don't take my word for it or by looking at the extra thumbnails.  It's got to be seen to be believed.

I might have drawn their attention with my stealth-like approach to my camera.  Then they turned back to patiently wait for their turn at the orange.

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