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Chilling out at the end of the day

Today started with me finding a baby bat on the curtains in Mum's lounge. At first I thought it was the bat that flew around the house last week and who I could not locate.

I popped the bat into a box with a cloth and a tiny bottle top of water. Fortunately we have a wonderful bat expert in the village, so I was able to contact her. Tina said I should take the bat to her for the day. She would feed it and then I could release it tonight.

She saw that the bat was a baby and cannot fly yet. (So where is the mother, you ask?!) She fed it all day and I collected it later. I have to put it out late tonight on a contraption where it clings to a towel and has a hot water bottle to keep it warm in the night. It has to be high up. If the mother hears it she will collect it during the night. We may have to do this for two or three nights.

Today's walk was with Ann, Jennifer and Pippa and from Catton. We were joined by Jos for part of the walk. It drizzled all day but was not unpleasant. We enjoyed each other's company and a good route. There were butterfly orchids in one of the meadows. Magic!

Back at  Ann's we enjoyed a beer in the garden. The frog watched us impassively.

More news of the bat tonorrow

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