Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco


I decided to venture north in the county today, up into the Delaware Water Gap which is a huge tract of many, many acres of mixed habit.  The area I went to is usually good for butterflies, although not today.  Surprisingly, I also saw very few dragons either but that may have been due to winds and cooler temps along with cloud cover.  So, I mostly wandered and enjoyed the sounds of various birds singing from back in the woods.  

The chickory is blooming now and while it is not a native plant, it is not considered to be particularly invasive meaning that I can enjoy it without guilt.  The flowers are delicate and much loved by all manner of pollinators.  I was actually just trying to get a few shots of the actual flowers, so didn't notice that I'd also gotten a Metallic Green Sweat Bee in the image until I got home.  Flowers with a bonus - my favorite kind.

Okay, enough about me.  It is time for to announce my favorite picks from this week's TinyTuesday Challenge.  And can I just say - you have, once again, made my decision very, very tough.  In no particular order, Buzzy Hearts go to ...
MissyCat for her beautiful macro look and the loveliest dancing flowers
tedwin because there was just something about this that made me burst out in laugher (thank you)
Incredibish for a beautiful soft pastel image of a bumble bee
craftylady for her little white-tailed bee, totally covered in pollen
stevvi for a super close up shot of a caterpillar face

And Buzzy HM's to...
Stiffknees for a cheery, bright and happy image
dfb24 for a really splendid little moth on some perfectly exposed white flowers
Meinz for the astonishing detail on the tiny droplets on a hairy fly
JDO for a most fascinating little fly (be sure to read about it)
robvegnuti fir a beautiful close up look at a Harvester

Next week's tag is #TT269, no special theme

Kayak shopping yesterday was no fruitful mainly because no one has any inventory of kayaks in the stores (partly due to slow downs in manufacturing; partly because all the stores were shut down in April and May when they usually receive their kayaks.)  To be continued...

Stay safe, wear a mask if you can't maintain safe distance and above all, be kind and loving.


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