Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

Growing up fast

Today the sun's been out most of the day and the sky blue - but not when I chose to blip.  This was 6.55am and the light was s*ite.  The reserve was under a smother of cloud and the deer were hiding in the reedbed, under trees.  Still, I'm not complaining.  If you're blipping creatures in the wild you can hope all you like for fine lighting conditions, but you have to be grateful for what you're given.  These moments never come again.

So this is one of the family I blipped three and something weeks ago.  And although the kids are small still (and very skittery) they're growing and already losing their spots.  They do still have those wonderful straight black brows.  

And I think - I think - I've found a way I'll be able to access, legitimately, the normally closed off part of the reserve.  But more of that when I have the green light.

Wishing you a good evening and a fun weekend.  And stay safe, lovely blipmates  xx

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