Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Fuzzy Dude

Another hot, steamy day, on top of a night of very little sleep.  I was actually downstairs by 5 AM, just so that my tossing and turning wouldn't wake Hubs. Eventually, around 8:30, I went back upstairs and slept for a few hours.  I've been plagued with insomnia most of my adult life and the current world situation isn't helping right now.

Anyway, after I hauled myself out of bed, I tended to the Nursery (Monarch caterpillars).  The last 3 cats that I collected about 10 days ago are up at the top of the container, making their silk pads.  By mid-morning tomorrow, I should have 5 perfect chryslalis' on their way to becoming butterflies.  Meanwhile, in Nursery 2, I now have 7 leaves with eggs.

Hubs and I ran a few errands today and when we got back, I took the macro lens out in the garden.  Truthfully, I was lacking inspiration and nothing seemed to be cooperating...until I spotted this big male Carpenter Bee just sitting on the buddleia, waiting for me.  This are very large bees, but very gentle.  The males lack any sort of stinging apparatus and the females will only sting if you handle them roughly.  I have not seen any since early in the spring - that is time time of year the females mate and then go to ground.  Shortly the new generation will start to emerge; as the first generation comes to the end of their lives.  They actually have a fascinating social order and reproductive cycle which the geeky among you may enjoy reading about Here on Wikipedia .

Meanwhile, today is TinyTuesday and I am looking forward to looking through this week's entries.  As usual, hearts and HM's will be delivered Thursday.

Stay safe out there, people - and remember to be kind, loving and patient (with yourself as well as others).


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