Pastry Of Bethlehem

Otherwise known as Pastel de Belém or more commonly as Pastel de nata (or even Portuguese custard tarts!). The best ones are made in this bakery in Belém, where they churn out 22,000 every day.

Probably eaten in Portugal with a strong cup of Portuguese coffee. I devoured mine with a cup of afternoon tea in the garden. Delicious.

After yesterday’s blip it would be easy to think my diet is totally healthy. I indulge in things like this far to often, however! I was in the village today and went into the little Tesco for something and treated myself to ONE of these! I don’t dare have more around. I could easily eat 3-4 in one sitting.

In other news:
I’m continuing with the Physio appointments for my very painful tennis elbow. She says it IS getting better but I don’t FEEL as if it is. I have THREE appointments this week!

I also had dinner with some neighbours this evening - outside on their patio. It’s good to actually be with people again, even with the (still required) social distancing. Challenging but doable.

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