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By walkingMarj

The start of self isolating

You should expect to see a few photographs from the garden over the next two weeks as I prepare for my knee operation.

I'm so glad we have a garden that I can wander around in. Perhaps I will start to do laps of it!!

This morning I needed to put together a creative image for this week's photo group challenge. I had photographed several pictures of street art in Newcastle yesterday, converted them all to mono and made a photo montage that included the Tyne Bridge. The tiny figures of Homer and Lisa Simpson appeared in the distance on the bridge.

This took up a lot of time - and was great fun - so I just managed a shower before the morning concert from the Corbridge Chamber Music Festival. All the music has been prerecorded in people's homes, plus one in a church (solo cello).

Tonight we took part in a Zoom meeting of the Friends of the Festival. 12 computers were involved and more people. It was a delight from start to finish. It was Mum's first Zoom meeting and she did well, although her hearing aid batteries failed half was through!! (Normal service was soon restored.)

I'm off now for the pre concert talk and then the late evening concert. All concerts are free and on YouTube if you search for Corbridge Chamber Music Festival.

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