By flavia13


.....Runner Beans blooming well and coming along nicely!!!

Well I had a good night's sleep last night, hoorah - but surprisingly it took a me 2 hours to get off because I'd got well over-tired.  Still I do feel better for some good quality sleep  -  yeah.

Got ontto Amazon Kindle again today and because the Kindle was only bought in March and I have tried the re-setting it back to factory settings they are going to send me a replacement BY TOMORROW!!!   So all I have to do is send the old one back.  I just need to delete all that's on it, hoping I can retrieve it via my Amazon account.  I can send it back via the packaging the new one arrives in as I haven't kept the old one - eeeekk.

So other than a quick trip round the garden I haven't done an awful lot today.  

Trying to figure out how I can book a time slot for Cafe Ambio at Backbarrow.  I found it on-line the other day and can't find it now.  I have emailed them but not sure how good they are about getting back.  Perhaps I could phone them.

Then this afternoon I will start to make plans for Mum's birthday trip in August.  

That's all for now.  Thank you so much for dropping by and thank you for your kind comments, hearts and stars all very much appreciated and loved.

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