Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid


With a queue for the Gary Numan song; this evening has been about Cars.

Firstly, we had to wait until the sun went down to go out. (Temperatures of nearly 50degC are being recorded in the Middle East at the moment.) When G bought her car (secondhand) in 2009 it came with 3M tinting. This has lasted for ten years. I don't know when it was originally done, but five years is the guarantee for a good film, so we've got good mileage out of what was put on.

All good things come to an end, and bubbles began to appear on the rear window so something had to be done before the next MOT in September. I've been looking on Groupon and found a good deal. As we are here in the summer, it made sense to do it sooner rather than later so we get the benefit of it over the coming weeks. Here is the result. We've gone from 30 to 40% with a different brand. Apparently, the deal didn't include the front windscreen but I am told whatever is currently on is very good and I should just leave it.

Our friend Shabnam was free tonight, so we went over to the Volvo, armed with Armor All and rags. I usually douse the dashboard of both cars in the summer to prevent them from cracking. It's worked well. For the Volvo, the seats get doused as well! It was great to see it again and be reminded of how solidly it is built and the excellent condition it is still in. We really need to decide what to do with it soon.

Back home and we had shawarmas from our local Lebanese for dinner. They were delicious. SweetArt will be so jealous!! :))

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