Dolly's Day

By dollydoug


Made brown soda bread this morning using a packet mix which was included in my birthday hamper from Ireland send to me in June by my friend justbe.  The mix is from The Stonecutters Kitchen  - a family restaurant in Doolin, County Clare.  You just add buttermilk and an egg to the dry mix, put a " Fairy's Cross " on the top and bake.   Haven't tasted it yet but it looks good.

Musical link LOVELY ROSE OF CLARE - by Bambrack

Did a bit more " sorting out" - mainly old paperwork ( so time consuming ) - before settling down in front of my computer to watch the footie. Final match of the season  Newcastle United versus Liverpool who are top of the Premiership table. The Club sent me a pass to watch the match on BT.  Of course if the match had been played in May when it should have been, if there had been no pandemic, I would have been there in person.  I always love going to the last game of the season as after the match all the players parade round the pitch with their wives/girlfriends and children.

The match started well for Newcastle.  They scored in under a minute.  However they were soon outplayed by Liverpool and the final score was Newcastle 1 Liverpool 3.  Newcastle have finished 13th in the table.  What needs to happen before next season is that the club will be sold, the new owners will spend big on new players and Newcastle United will have some ambition to do well and not just settle for " staying up " in the premiership. The fans have been waiting for Mike Ashley to sell for years and our hopes keep getting built up - and then dashed.  We are in limbo at the moment.  I hope something happens soon. Apart from all that we don't know if or how we will be able to watch live games in person next season.  Hopefully something will be worked out.

Steps today - 5,261 ( 2.05 miles )  Surprised to have done over 5,000 steps considering I haven't been out of the house -  and had to sit for over 1½ hrs watching the football.

CORONA CLASSIC - Music from County Clare–Patrick Ourceau & Gearóid Ó hAllmhuráin

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