By Arachne

Those apples again

Back in April, sad at the thought that I would have to leave behind the lovely, variety-unknown apple tree in my old garden when I moved, I cleared the soil from around its roots, cut as many suckers as I could and put them into pots.

A fortnight later I cut some more to be on the safe side.

I didn't have enough pots and on MayDay, I was still planting four or five or six in a pot, doubting more than a very few would survive.

The movers brought my portable garden to my new house nine weeks ago, since which time I have planted out the beans, tomatoes and lettuces but not had a chance until the last few days to look at the miniature apple trees. Astonishingly, there are sixty survivors, still four or five or six to a pot. I have bought some new pots and liberated some others but still have nothing like enough to give them a pot each.

This evening I visited my old apple tree, now fruiting vigorously, ate some of its glorious fruit and realised how important it is to look after its offspring. I have started the search for someone who knows what they are doing to help me look after them.

While I was there a storm overtook the evening sun and produced a vibrant double rainbow. I'd left my camera behind and had only my phone to record the moment so in extras is a dire photo, just to remind me.

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