By Veronica


Result! My baguettes didn't turn out too badly. I used Eric's recipe which requires poolish and an overnight prove in the fridge. Still quite quick andf easy compared to sourdough.

S went to play table tennis in the morning, while I went for my usual swim. Then we decided to have lunch in Lagrasse, at the Cocotte Fêlée, a place we haven't been to for years. I think it's changed hands at least twice in that time, but they still have oeufs cocotte on the menu. S had one as his starter, with ham and St Nectaire. It was good, but my green pea velouté with a soft boiled egg and lots of mint and citrus was superb. The rest of the meal was very good too, perfectly cooked cod with vegetables and a lemon tart. Three courses for 26 euros, plus a bottle of wine.

Lunch took a while ... the terrace was full, with about 30 people, more arriving as soon as tables were free. There was just one waitress to look after everyone, plus I suspect only a couple of people in the tiny kitchen. But I didn't mind long pauses between courses because the waitress was so efficient and good-humoured -- she never stopped circulating but kept an Olympian calm, as we say in France, when it would have been easy to get stressed. I also noted that she didn't need to write any orders down or punch them into a smartphone, a rare thing these days. So we thanked her and left a generous tip.

Back home at three for a prolonged siesta, and a quiet evening.

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