Dolly's Day

By dollydoug


The Mono Monday theme today is KEY or QUAY .  My blip shot shows a few of the keys from a bowl made up of different keys welded together.  You can see the whole bowl in my Extras. I bought it a few years ago from Traidcraft. The bowls were made by artisans in India who gathered used iron keys and welded them together. Each bowl is made from an assortment of keys and so looks entirely unique. The keys might be from homes, studios, shops, or secret boxes. Thanks to chantler63 for hosting.

Musical link - KEY TO MY HEART  by Craig David

I wasn't sure what to do today but I got a text saying my order from Holland and Barrett was available to collect from my local Co-op so that made the decision for me.  The weather had been rainy and dull but by the time I left the house this afternoon it was warm and the sun was shining.  I collected my parcel and did a bit of shopping in the Co-op.

Got home in time for my Hermes delivery which came around 5.15pm.  I was disappointed it wasn't the usual driver who  is American, friendly and very good looking.

I realised it was Garden Bin collection day tomorrow ... and my bin was empty. As I've already paid for garden collections I had to make the effort to fill the bin  up.  I got stuck in and pruned some of the bigger branches of my buddleia and also some other shrubs.  I just kept pruning until the bin was full.  As my late husband would have said it was  " a good job jobbed ".

Steps today - 9,883

CORONA CLASSIC - Sarah Vaughan singing Key Largo by Benny Carter, Karl Suessdorf & Leah Worth.

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