Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Hello, # 30

I've not done as good a job keeping photographic records of the birds in my yard this year, but will try to catch up over the next few months as migrants pass through.  Today, as Hubs and I were sitting inside (where it was blessedly cool) eating lunch, I spotted this Scarlet Tanager (either a juvenile, or a female) checking out my little stone fountain in the garden.  Not great pics as I snapped them through my kitchen window, which is in desperate need of cleaning.  But it will do as my 30th yard bird of the year.

It was another scorcher out today with high humidity so I limited my time outside.  In fact, I took a nap this afternoon - a guilty pleasure.  

Talked to mom and dad this morning - they have been enjoying a long run of good weather in Oregon so have been getting out for walks just about every day.  Today being no exception.  They are doing well.  Like most of us, they've settled into some sort of routine in this strange time we are living in.  Fortunately, they enjoy each other and also enjoy the same activities so they keep busy while avoiding contact with other people.  

Hubs ordered a life jacket which should arrive Tuesday (thanks, Amazon).  Once he's got it, we can take the kayak out again which I am looking forward to.  

Stay safe.  Be kind.  Be loving.


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