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By walkingMarj

Late developer

I have been very gentle with Arth after the pain he has caused earlier in the week. I walked slowly to the village shop this morning and picked up our Hexham Courant.

This afternoon, I did the Millennium Walk which is about 1/4 mile over an easy field path. The vegetation is not very attractive at the moment. The grasses are dry and so do not move with any elegance in the wind. (It was very windy.) The crops have been cut and the stubble looks dead and untidy. Then I found a large area of meadowsweet looking brown and miserable.

Oh dear, the summer is over. Then I found a few plants that are still in their youth. The frothy, gorgeous blossom is still in evidence. Why are they late developers, I don't know, but they cheered me.

Margaret (across the road) came to chat to Mum this afternoon. Annette was with us this morning - she is always a breath of fresh air, but especially in the time of Covid 19 because we open all the windows while she is cleaning!!

In the late afternoon, we had a WhatsApp call from Lynn and Stephen and their three granddaughters in Mirfield, near Wakefield. They have not been able to visit us this year, but wanted to drop in near to Mum's birthday. Just perfect.

Julie and I did FaceTime and caught up. Her face kept disappearing off the screen which was quite distracting. She said I was not looking at her! We managed despite our technical challenges.

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