By Teasel


We were all very slow to get going this morning.  TT had to give BB a lift to his gardening or he would never have got there in time.  Meanwhile I pottered, read my book and TT and I had breakfast in the garden, before I went for a wee walk to try and get going.  TT and I are both really feeling the effects of our colds and have absolutely no energy.  Before BB headed out he placed an order for scrambled eggs when he got back. I duly delivered on this order!  
It was such a lovely day I was keen that we all get out for a walk and some fresh air.  We headed over to North Berwick and had a really lovely beach walk.  When we got home, TT and I sat in the garden with a drink, enjoying the last of the sunshine before tea.
Later I watched Strike: Lethal White, but I’m not sure I am really following it.

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