By dunkyc

Lost for words..

Words are a curious thing aren’t they?

Used properly they can be an effective form of communication, describing complex problems, prospective solutions and a myriad of feelings. Structured well and delivered with confidence, the right words can make our bodies shake and our eyes pour with tears of laughter.

Or maybe like my sister did this evening, they can be used to construct a simple, perfunctory compliment which causes a stinging sensation of pride and gratitude behind the eyes.*

A prolonged silence in the absence of words can feel like an eternity and be every bit as devastating as an extended tirade.

I find it fascinating that we all have differing abilities when it comes to actually using words. Some of us are happy to bare our souls and communicate openly and honestly about what we are feeling at any given moment, whilst to others this is an anathema and they prefer to keep their words to a bare minimum and like a wise monarch, keep their own counsel.

There is no right/wrong debate on this as it is of course down to the individual’s choice as the level of engagement they seek from their fellow travellers upon this earth, but if you were to offer advice on this to someone, I guess you would come down some where in the middle.

I have been pondering lately whether I share too many words and therefore too much of myself and family on social media and moreover, why? What is this compulsion to share the details of one’s day to the world at large? It’s not as if I lead a particularly interesting or rock n roll life style, but like most blippers, every day I feel compelled to put some words out into the ether almost as a permanent record of “I woz ‘ere”.

Then I remind myself that all the way back on March 20th of this year, I stated that I would “write the shit” out of rebuilding my life after divorce/not go mental because of pandemic-induced isolation - this was way before I’d heard the sexier phrase “I’ll write my way out..” in Hamilton - and for once in my existence, I’ve actually seen something through! An entry a day from that point, coupled with the feedback, encouragement, understanding, hearts and favourites (THANK YOU!!) that I have been delivered of by readers of this brain dump, have been invaluable in keeping my restless, over active mind largely on the straight and narrow.

I think I will continue to share as many words as I am comfortable with (those relating to matters too personal, painful or just plain embarrassing will continue to remain close to my chest) because the simple act of opening one’s self up alongside a photo a day, has for me, been a largely healthy experience. It has enabled me to let out a lot of stuff I didn’t need anymore and more importantly, let in some of the really good stuff.

*Judging by the mess we left behind as we left her place this evening, the compliment may have now been retracted.

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