By Freyjad

A Lily for FF

This is my 4th attempt at up-loading my blip today, I've been getting to the point of pressing the button and for some reason everything has disappeared.  After the last attempt I went to have a shower and calm down somewhat  -  so here I go again.  :-). 

This lily is part of an anniversary bouquet from the 1st of the month, the flowers have all been lovely and many of them are still looking good  -  I can't say I'm sorry it's Friday, it's been a busier week than usual but I'm pleased that everything I wanted to do has been done.

Now to the WidWed challenge, the entries have all been excellent and there have been many different takes on the theme  -  it seems there's nowhere that Blippers can't find a reflection, so In no particular order:-

rainie.                           for Reflections
CALIFORNIAGIRL1.   for Reflections of a Yogi
Hamp5on                    for Family in the mirror
Terrifo                          for Reflections
LauriesPictos             for Typical

Ingeborg                     for Wild wide world
Rockarea                    for Rocky Reflections
sharon_mckelvey.     for The geese...
HOtamer                     for Wind Energy 
Hanulli                         for Reflections

Thank you to everyone who entered and I hope to see you all again next week when the theme is Minimalism ;    phew...... let's hope I make it this time.

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