By pensionspoet

Dad and Manda

I woke at 9 after a pretty late night last night. Mum and dad have a routine that doesn't quite fit with mine, but I got up and made us all tea.

Got up and listened to the Archers over breakfast, then hand stitched my latest makeup bag as the machine was just taking more time. It hasn't been used for a long while so it probably needs a bit of a service. The bag wasn't too bad, but I can't do any more as I only had one 'hut STUFF' label with me.

Gave the bathroom and cloakroom a really good clean and put clean sheets on dads bed. Manda popped over this afternoon and we looked at a bit of family history stuff, then I grabbed a photo of her with dad. I look dreadful so not putting photos of me.

Never got to the loft but will head up there now. We didn't have dinner until 4.30.

Will need an earlier bedtime as I need to be up at 5 tomorrow.

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