By Kipsie

Now where did I put the key

I'm Yogi sitting for the next few days so I had a few things to pack in the car this morning. Waterproofs obviously, given the forecast for the week ahead, wellies collected from the allotment en route. Stewed rhubarb & strawberries from the freezer for breakfast, a few veggies. Soup, I find making a saucepan of soup is perfect for dog/house sitting, not to many gadgets to fathom out. Finding the saucepan can be tricky, well it was until I realised some kitchens drawers are designed for saucepans, oh yes & china. That threw me on a couple of occasions. Fussy hobs, another obstacle to overcome. I've looked after Yogi quite a few times now so I know the layout etc., never had to look after him with a poorly leg though. He's injured himself, pulled a muscle in his leg so no ball fetching or running about this visit. I digress. On my way to Yogi's, I stopped off for petrol at Morrison's, then nipped into the store. I could'nt find a shopping basket, I caught the attention of a staff member, who retrieved a basket from the self serve checkouts. The store only has 6, yes SIX, wire baskets apparently ... 
I sent an e.mail to Toby Buckland  last evening giving him the info for next Saturday's plant sale that I'm holding as part of the Jumble Trail, hoping he might give me a mention on his local BBC radio Devon gardening programme broadcast this morning. I missed the first hour as I was on my way here, time was going on, then about 10minutes before the end of his broadcast he gave me a mention. Brilliant! I hope it might attract some listeners.
The wind was blowing down through the estuary, I checked the tide times, & decided a quite walk along the shoreline towards Shaldon might be suitable. I found some more pieces of broken pottery to add to my stash. The wind blowing directly at us as we walked back.
I picked up the windfall apples from the lawn when we got back. Carolyn is coming over in the morning for a walk, & help pick the apples from the trees for me to sell for Rowcroft at the Jumble Trail next Saturday.
Veggie soup for dinner tonight. No surprises there.

Thanks to Marlieske for hosting Derelict Sunday

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