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Angel trumpets in Paradise

I drove the short journey to Barrasford today and had a walk by the river. This is the area that locals call Paradise.

I had it all to myself and I pottered along the riverbank, walking quite gingerly. I'll be glad when I can wear boots again. The wooden fence posts on the way to the wood are all rotting and lichens and mosses have taken over. I like the trumpets on this one.

(Back at home Mum is experimenting with an angel design for a Christmas card!)

Arth was no worse after the walk so I was pleased with that.

It's been a worrying day otherwise. Maureen did not phone or reply to calls this morning. She was transferred back to High Dependency and had a procedure to reduce the pressure in her brain this afternoon. She managed to phone me later - I still think they should confiscate the phone while she is poorly - and tell me a bit about it. Hopefully she will feel some benefit soon. I made some phone calls on her behalf and hopefully have not missed anyone out of the loop.

Life in the time of Covid 19
We have had 10 positive test results in the village. That feels like a lot and certainly 10 too many. Time to keep ourselves even more to ourselves - is that possible?

On a very positive note, I wonder how many of you have seen the play Silent Voices? It was directed by kendallishere with a cast and crew of volunteers and is about a number of individuals killed by police in Portland. It is a serious issue and well worth watching. 

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