By Teasel

Still Blooming

Another busy workday, but a couple of thigs fell out of my diary, which freed up some much needed time.  We did have a Divisional Quiz at lunchtime.  It wasn’t well attended, as it had been moved around a few times.  It had a Halloween theme and was very focused on movies and music.  I was pretty rubbish, as I don’t think I had seen any of the movies involved.  Never mind!  The quiz was shorter than expected, so I had time to go for a quick walk before getting back to work.
Our new sofa and chairs were delivered his morning.  While we have already removed and cut up one of the old sofas, there is still one in the room, so it is a little cramped now!  We’ll need to do some rearranging over the weekend.
I spent the afternoon on back to back calls.  I forgot that I had to feed BB before football training, but luckily TT saved the day.
Later I headed off to my yoga class, which I really enjoyed, but as I think I have said previously, I was much more flexible when I last did yoga, too many years ago.
TT was cooking when I got home but not for tonight, our tea was the leftover aubergine dish which I had cooked earlier in the week from one of my roasting tin books.  The flavours had certainly improved and it was even more delicious than on Tuesday.
I’m still looking out at our wonderful row of sunflowers.  I wonder how much longer they will last?

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