By pensionspoet

And relax...

Just seen I have 15% battery in my phone, and with nothing else planned for the day I think it is time to blip!

The holiday starts when you finish work, so for Jon that was about 5.30 last night. We didn't get up early as our campsite was only a 3.5 to 4 hour drive. After an initial trip to the caravan with our bags, some food and all manner of other bits that seemed essential to me at the time (but on unpacking I'm now wondering what I was thinking!!) we then dropped in to Cromer for some errands, then home for 11 for coffee.

We said goodbye to Mollie at about 11.30 and then drove down to hook up the caravan and we were on our way. We are calling this our first 'holiday' without children. That is, without anyone else. We have had the odd weekend break, but not a week, and not camping/caravanning, which is what a holiday is to us. So we are quite excited, and really have been looking forward to it. The getting away, the rest and the time together. And although I have all these hobbies with me in case I get bored with reading, I didn't leave Jon out and packed his camp blanket and a huge pile of badges for him to sew on. That will keep him busy!

We had a lunch break in a lay by somewhere near the A14, and arrived at Dodwell Park just outside Stratford upon Avon at about 5pm. It was quite a good run, but there is a lot of traffic out there, especially lorries. I'm glad I don't have to drive!

Jon has got the caravan pitched and level, while I made a cup of tea. Now, as you can see, we are relaxing with a glass of wine and our books while the pizza cooks in the oven. Here's to a relaxing fun filled week...cheers!

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