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By walkingMarj

Zoom meeting

What a wet day. It rained heavily until this afternoon and then it was drizzly.

The tree surgeon asked to come early when I was just about to shower. I joined him in the rain to discuss the trees. We have a plan and I will sit down when the estimate comes.

I was so glad to see friends in our Tynedale Photo Group coffee morning. It’s usually hosted by Carol and Leo, but they did not have a good signal down in Lincolnshire. We were 8 friends with 6 screens and a brief addition from one more in her car.

We did not need to mute ourselves when someone else spoke and interrupting was not a problem. Topics included lift stories (stuck in a ......) and Covid blues. It was great fun.

Arth was in a lot of pain this morning so I sent him to bed with an ice pack and painkillers this afternoon. He’s feeling much better tonight.

I phoned a local private physio to make an appointment. There was an answerphone message that cheered me. The Geordie lass told me it was great news that they can see patients again and they would love to help me. Our GP surgery currently has a dreadful message which, at length, tells us not to abuse the receptionists and is full of negatives. How I wish I could help to change that.

We have just enjoyed our quizzy evening with Only Connect and University Challenge.

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