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By walkingMarj


I was up before light this morning and set off for Newcastle quite early. It was not early enough to catch the dramatic clouds just before sunrise. I saw those here.

I wanted to improve one or two images in the project  I'm working on and I needed less sun to do it. When I arrived there was drizzle, but it soon stopped and the sun was out in all its brilliance. Rats!

I enjoyed taking some photographs. I had an interesting encounter with two residents outside their house. They spoke no English, so I was unable to ask them anything about themselves or the street. They did not object to being photographed which was good.

My blip is taken of the reflections in one of the three cars parked in the whole length of this street. In the next street, the cars are parked nose to tail. It tells me something about the residents in the different streets. The one with no cars contains a bail hostel (all windows now boarded up) and a house where African asylum seekers live.

I hoped that more people would appear, but I had no luck.

I returned to Elswick Cemetery to photograph the grave of the workers who died in the Montagu Pit Disaster. The small gate was locked - it was into the Jewish graveyard I realised - then a local resident came out to help me. When I explained why I was there, he volunteered that his wife's uncle was the youngest boy to die in the disaster. He was only 14 years old. The community must have been devastated by 38 deaths on one day. The rest of the miners were laid off, so had no money to support their families. 

I may need to return when the sun is not shining!!

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