Day at a Time

By Tweedy

Autumn Colours

I'm sure I'll take many more photographs of autumn as the colours develop and as we possibly get a frost. But just in case I don't here is one today. The colours are coming along nicely. Ben Ledi, in the background, is about 20 miles away so you can see what clear air it is. The trees and sheep were right in front of me.

I took Flora over a couple of fields this morning. It was hard going (for me) because the ground was muddy and claggy. Why I hadn't put on my walking trousers I'll never know. The jeans I'd dressed in - clean this morning of course - were filthy and pretty wet by the time I got home. But it was a lovely walk, quiet but for the geese overhead.

I had to be home by 11:00 as our local icecream maker is delivering a carton. Crème brûlée this week. That's been a terrific development during lockdown I have to say. He is so creative with flavours and I've not tasted a duff one yet.

I have both housework and garden work to do today. I wonder which I'll choose.

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