Seen Through a Glass Lightly

I can never get too much of a bargain, and after eking out my M&S £10 Indian meal offer for an unseemly number of days, I tripped back this morning to collect another one with my second coupon. Lady luck was definitely on my side as I got the last one on the shelf. Lest I get too immersed in Indian fare, I have frozen most of the contents to eat later.
I did get more butternut squash and Braeburn apples though, not for the freezer, but for an instant pot of spicy soup to have for lunch with sourdough bread and chilli cheddar cheese.

Had it not been for a Maggie’s Kitchen Table Zoom after lunch, I might have been in danger of forgetting how to speak. I do wonder if my hermit like qualities are being honed by the current restrictions so that I never fully recover my sociability and joie de vivre. I await Nicola’s latest pronouncements.

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