Murphy’s Law

By laurie54


I posted a late mono Monday entry. If you haven't taken a look, please do. I was a bit proud of it.

There are some challenges I rarely enter because I'm not especially adept at the style or really know what's being looked for by the participants and hosts.  I thought I would give tiny Tuesday a whirl this week. Thanks to Apollofly for hosting and for the theme "hard", which it always is for me.

I spotted this little butterfly sculpture in the Monarch Butterfly Garden in the park yesterday so I knew exactly where I wanted to look for today's blip. I thought it might be cool for the theme since it was about the size of an actual butterfly. In and out, then back to the house for the DIRECTV repairman to come.

many blippers who have followed me on a semi-regular basis for a while know that when it comes to technology, I am cursed. First, both hearing aids were faulty and needed to be replaced (they are battery free), then one broke again and was sent back to the factory and I lost the other. Still waiting to get them back. Then it was the television. The hard drive in the receiver was fried and once replaced has it working again. Then last night, it was my good laptop. I'm sure it's the hard drive that crapped out on me. I will lose about a week's worth of photos that hadn't yet been backed up.  The only positive is that when mom was alive, I bought the cheap computer I'm currently using. The color and screen resolution are terrible so I can't tell if the photos I post are/will be too light or too dark. I don't think I  have mentioned it yet but I made reservations for five nights at the Santa Rita Lodge (in Madera Canyon) beginning on the 25th.  (It's going to be cold up there!)

I guess I will be bringing this computer with me on the off chance I'll be able to pick up any wi-fi. I really needed something to look forward to and my next trip isn't scheduled until next April. 
I know I won't have the computer back in time for the trip because I'm not driving into Tucson to drop it off until late this afternoon - I but am crossing my fingers about the hearing aids. It would be nice to be able to hear the sounds of nature. Think positive thoughts.

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