Murphy’s Law

By laurie54


When I saw this rusty old bike, the first thing I thought was that would make an interesting blip, after all, don't blippers see a potential photo almost everywhere? There was virtually no color left on the cracked leather seat and the sun bounced off of it brightly. I wondered where it came from and what story it might tell.

I got good news today on the laptop front. I can pick it up tomorrow! The tech was able to recover everything right in the store.  Windows 10 was  corrupted but rather than having to reinstall the OS, he was able to repair it without any loss of data. Since it ended up being a software problem, no charge from the geek squad.

I had a pretty busy day. As usual, I started out with breakfast at the deli, which consisted of only a bagel and coffee today. After a a brief stop at the farmer's market I ended up doing a bank run. It was at the market that I realized I didn't have anymore cash. Oops.

I finally got around to getting the chest x-ray my doctor ordered a while back (obviously not an emergency) then spent a lot of time sitting in the car on the phone figuring out my mail order prescriptions. After running errands at two different pharmacies, I got home in time for a 40 minute Zoom webinar with Cindy McCain and Senator Amy Klobuchar. That was a real treat. I was in Amy's army early on in the nominating process

It's already 7:00 and I haven't eaten so I'm off for some yogurt. HA!

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