Now that's got your feet tapping I bet - can't beat a bit of Gene Kelly.

Up earlyish this morning as we had to get Hubby's car into the garage for it's annual MOT.  Sadly it's failed and needs some work doing to it.  We were going to just let it go, but due to covid probably best not to at the moment, so it's going to cost, unfortunately.  Aah well that's life!!

Such a horrible really dreich day today so haven't felt much like doing anything else.  On top of all this it looks like my iPad has died!!!  It must be going on for 15 years old.  Something else to save up for in the New Year.  At least I still have my laptop and no photos are stored on the iPad.

Popped into the garden for something to blip and this Californian Poppy laid flat on its back among the wet heather just about sums up the day I think, also it's complementary colours photographically speaking - so that's my blip of the day.

Take care, stay safe and see you all tomorrow.

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