Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Cool spaces

I had an appointment to see an audiologist today - first time ever in my whole life! The appointment was at noon and G & I got there in time. We then experienced the most moronic system before I finally got to see the specialist - nearly an hour later. Sometimes, it feels like we're not in 2020. The best thing of the morning was walking through this section of Bur Juman to get to the clinic (yes, it's in a mall). In the past, there were smart restaurants in this area where we've enjoyed meals over the years. Now, all of them are gone. It's so sad. 

Anyway, everything seems to be normal, so I will find out tomorrow when I see the ENT specialist again, what is going to stop the ringing in my ears.

Home for the rest of the day. I finally bit the bullet and contacted someone from the telco to upgrade the speed on the internet for this flat. I should be getting five times the speed for what I am currently paying. And later, we joined a new Zoom Life group bible study. It was an hour well spent.

It isn't so obvious, but there is pink on these balloons! Please can you click here to help towards free mammograms and cancer research? Thank you.

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