Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco


For years, I've been hoping to see an Evening Grosbeak.  And about 10 days ago I was able to see a group of 5 way up high in the trees while I was out hiking - the photos were crap, but it was still so exciting to finally see this illusive species.  So, you can just about imagine what went through my head when I was sitting sipping my tea this morning, happened to glance out onto the deck...and spotted THREE beautiful males gobbling seed from the deck railing.  I slunk off in full stealth mode to grab my camera and get a few shots through the window.  Finally, I crept out onto the deck where I got some much better shots, including this one - all from a distance of less than 15 feet.  

These beautiful big members of the finch family are rare visitors to our area, usually driven south only when food supplies in their boreal habitat are scarce.  This is such a year which is why we are also seeing more siskins, purple finches, and red-breasted nuthatches.  They tend to travel in groups searching for food, and vocalizing frequently with a loud, piercing cry  (which I got to hear as they hung around the yard all morning).  I've posted two other shots starting HERE on Flickr.

Hubs is spending a couple of hours with his mom right now - she won't remember that it is his birthday, but they will both enjoy the time together.  And we also got to talk to my parents this morning who are continuing to stay the course.  The isolation is taking its toll on all of us at this point and I can say without hesitation that I will be getting a covid vaccine as soon as one is available to me.

The bread is out of the oven and the ragu sauce for tonight's pasta is in the crock pot.  It will be a low-key birthday celebration, but that's all most of us are doing these days.  

Stay safe, people.


Oh, and this is Yard Bird 45 for this year's visual record.  You can see all of them by clicking on the tag below.

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