Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

Pigeon week

Dear oh dear, I seem to be stuck on pigeons (sorry, 'rock doves') this week.  First the skull on Saturday, then the pidge in extras yesterday, today this!  The mono - which I think I prefer - is in Extras today.  I may change them round.

This morning after I'd walked Hazel I had a longer walk with a friend up to the butterfly reserve.  We saw larks, hawks, a pheasant, a couple of deer and a few flowers still, which slightly surprised me.  It was windy and cold up there, but lovely.

This shot I took just as we went out separate ways back down the hill on one of the Water Lane footbridges.  I think someone feeds the pigeons there which is why funnyface was so co-operative.

And now I'm waiting for my lovely son to turn up briefly - a wonderful pre-lockdown treat.

Happy Tues evening - and I hope all you lovely US blippers get the results you want from today  xx

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