A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

Family fun.

A laid back day. Eda came into my room when she got up and we had a lovely time as there was no rush to go anywhere.

John made us one of his classic, eggs, smoked salmon and avocado breakfasts/brunch and by then a milky sun has appeared so we set off to Stoke Park for a walk. 

The sun wasn’t as bright as the last few days but it was warmer.
We were amazed by the number of people at Stoke Park, more than in the summer. It’s a huge area on the northern edge of the city so we were able to get away from others. We went into the lower wood which a Eda calls ‘Daddy’s Wood’. She knows the way and all the special features. It slopes down gradually emerging into open ground which looks out over the city. 

Returning back through the woods Eda went to her ‘Moana boat’ tree.  If you are wondering where Jude is she is inside John’s jacket! She seemed very happy.

The climb back up was very steep and ended in mud! Of course Eda slipped and sat in it! Never mind we all had a lovely time.

An afternoon of Duplo fun (John rebuilt Eda’s ice palace with jungle additions!) and watching ‘The Good Dinosaur’ before tea and bath. As a special dispensation Eda was allowed to come down again to watch Maisie Smith perform as Elsa to ‘Into the Unknown’ from Frozen 2. She was mesmerised and wanted to here her speak. Thankfully she didn’t as the East-end accent might have been rather disillusioning!

Great news from across the pond!

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