Capital adventures

By marchmont


Today it was my mother's hw boiler that failed. Luckily it turned out to a fuse so it's fixed. That was before I went to the pool. It was bliss, only 5 of us Later the call scheduled for 4 happened just after 10. I've accepted the payment from Hive though I'm still down overall (sometimes you just run out of energy) but D in Greenock is a new best friend.

Off to Lidl and B&Q to get the food and the final bags of chuckies. Looks like the Christmas trees are about to arrive. The weather is fine, warm in fact, and I could have taken some plants down to #2 son's, but I didn't.

Home for a chat with J over the road and then an afternoon at home, doing what? Well wrapped a Christmas present, and made another new telephone friend. An HMRC technician in Bradford. He appears to have sorted my tax, which is excellent.

Tonight it's choir and the bins go out. The excitement is palpable.

F2F - 7
Phone calls - 6
Virtual - 1

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