Morning Sky

I had to be up and out for my pre-work walk early this morning as TT was heading off to work.  I therefore had to make sure that BB got himself out in time.  At almost 8.15am, when he really should have been already gone, he announced that he has left his gum shield in the car.  TT was away to work with the car, so no gum shield and nothing I could do about it.  He decided that it would be ok as they are not doing contact rugby on Wednesday’s at the moment.  He ran off to school and I logged on for another busy day.
I had a quick lunchtime walk, but apart from answering the door to a couple of deliveries for TT, I barely moved from the kitchen table.  BB arrived home after rugby and announced that he only had to sit out the last five minutes – lucky boy.  By the time TT arrived home, tea was almost ready, but I hadn’t quite finished work.  I hadn’t made my step count, so had to go out for a quick walk I the dark.
There was a lovely sky this morning, I was worried it might bring bad weather, but it stayed dry and I even hung some washing out. 

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