A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53


I’m hoping to finish this jacket today. As you can see it is chunky so knits very quickly. It’s for my daughter and her choice of course, but chunky knitting isn’t really my preference.

I took it to Bristol and as it is knitted top down on circular needles she was able to try it so we could work out pattern and size details. As with a lot of these ‘modern’ patterns there was no information on yarn requirement particularly in terms of what it calls ‘customising’ which just seems to mean do what you like! So we had to estimate the quantity of the different colour bands. It took us a while to notice that the pattern cover actually showed one striped sleeve and one plain!

I will be happy to finish it as, being mohair, the fluff gets everywhere. I’ve had to get a damp cloth to wipe my face as I’ve had fluff in my eyes, nose and mouth!
I’m sure it will be lovely and warm ( it’s warm just having it over my knee, but I think some of that fluff will end up in Jude’s fist.

Very dull day so perfect for indoor projects, Chris is in the garden pottering and son Alex came down to do a couple of heavy lifting jobs for him getting a bacon sandwich as a reward.

Tonight we are getting a takeaway from our neighbouring village pub. The manager has done a great job during this year’s difficulties and deserves support through this second lock down, we may do it every Saturday.

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