By dunkyc

The Facts

With m’boy showing early signs of being a petrolhead, I’ve started getting him the Top Gear magazine.

Within the glossy pages are all sorts of articles with pictures of a wide variety of shiny automotive wonders. Whilst he has spent some time going over these things, the majority of his time with the magazine has been delving into and reciting the stats and facts about cars. In short, for those of us that remember Fantasy Football in the 90’s: he is Statto.

He has an inquisitive, brilliant brain whose thirst and capacity for knowledge; and the ability to retain and apply it, seems to hold no bounds. He will clearly end up as an astrophysicist and unpick the secrets of the universe.

For the sake of balancing this explosion of pride in one’s children…..I was getting The Youngest ready for school this morning and asked her to bring me her hairbrush. She disappeared for a little while and then returned with a football trophy.


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