By iaint


This morning I slept until after 07:30, just as I did last Friday. Again, I felt weird afterwards. Weird in a positive way, but still. 

I had an errand to take care of in Burntisland after brunch breakfast, so I ended up in the queue outside the new(-ish) bakery. It was a short queue - I will not tolerate any other kind. A small sourdough loaf and 2 cinnamon buns later...

On the way home I saw the tide was out, and decided a walk on the beach would be good, even although it was raining slightly. I now keep my waterproof jacket and walking shoes in the car, just in case. 

I really enjoyed it. It was quiet, the open space was immense, and the occasional dog walker could be avoided at a suitable distance.  

At one point I decided I was as close to Edinburgh as I could legally get under the current restrictions - without getting my feet wet or crossing a bridge. Then I remembered the "legal" bit does not start until 6pm. 

It turns out the extended family status I have with Junior does allow us to travel between here and Edinburgh to meet. 


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