Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco


This little mouse seemed very happy to stay in his cozy little trap, rather than experience the Great Outdoors. I finally had to shake him out, after which he ran back into the trap and had to be shaken out a second time. At which point I am certain I heard him squeal “No, I don’t want to leave,” See Extra where he was pausing for a moment in the leaf litter before scurrying under a brush pile.

After living in our house for 19 years without ever having a mouse get in, this fall has been like a Mouse Gala in the basement. We’ve trapped at least six mice down there in the last few months. And the cats are totally useless - just between us, I am pretty sure they are afraid of mice. As for me, I think they are pretty cute, but NOT indoors! Still, I can’t bear to kill them, so will continue to trap and relocate them. Sigh.

Well, at least it was a good diversion this morning before I got settled in for a nice long chat with my parents.

Hubs is back from the track and unloading the RV - I should probably go give him a hand.

Be safe out there.

Debbi (rescuer of rascally rodents)

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