Meet Daisy

JJ and I had a walk in the gloom this morning, up to the village, over the ridge and all the way around the ploughed field because the footpath across it is claggy with clay.

Nearly home and we came across Daisy who was out for a walk with her mum and a friend, so we stopped for a chat and were then joined by another local couple with their dog Bella.  We were very good and kept socially distanced.

This is Daisy the working Cocker waiting patiently for attention.  She's still very young but a delightful little dog.  I've added an extra of her as she spotted Bella and her mum, posing.

I ordered four Brussel sprouts to go with a couple of others that are massive and still in the fridge from last week.  We quite like them, but don't go overboard.  However, yesterday's delivery obviously caused Sainsbury's a problem.  I'm not sure if it's because they can't count to four but they delivered a bag of about forty.  Sprout soup, fried sprouts, boiled sprouts, roast sprouts, sprout cheesecake.  Best get cracking.

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