Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008


Today's WidWed challenge had me well out of my comfort zone.  Vehicle/s.. hmm!  However, it got me thinking - and out of bed rather early for such a gloomy day.  So many thanks to BobsBlips for setting the subject and hosting.

In town before breakfast and when the traffic still had lights on.  This lorry is unloading crates of booze and scotch eggs (hoho!) outside Wetherspoons to welcome customers back for their 'substantial meals' post the latest covid lockdown (we're in Tier 2 round here).  There's another lorry unloading behind and the blur passing by is obvs. a bus.  So those are my vehicle/s.

On the way home I stopped at the mini Co-op to get bananas for breakfast.  They had 10 packs, all brown and rotting on the shelves.  I went round to Tesco Express instead.

Not a lot else, though I did make some rather good spiced pumpkin soup for lunch  ;))

Enjoy the rest of your day  xx

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