A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

Afternoon in Saltaire.

If you don’t know Saltaire near Bradford in West Yorkshire you are missing a treat. It is a Unesco World Heritage village created by Sir Titus Salt for his mill workers in the 19th century. This afternoon I met my friend there for a walk around as each Christmas it has an Advent window trail. As a bonus we had a pleasant sunny afternoon and the Half Moon Cafe was open for take away, so we sat and enjoyed tea and flapjack (no mince pies) as the sun went down.

The windows are obviously at their best after dusk but it was still nice to wander around looking at them. It would be good to go again at night as I believe that they are projecting some artwork on the mill itself. Maybe after Christmas as they are on till the 5th.

The blip isn’t one of the Advent windows but I really like the simplicity of it and it shows off the architecture of the village windows them selves.
I will post others in my Flickr album which will have the same link as yesterday’s blip for ‘Glow’.

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