By Teasel

Bracing Beach Walk

I had to be up and out early to buy a couple of things and an emergency birthday card.  I was at the supermarket before 8am – popped in and got what I needed.  It was starting to get daylight when I was walking home. 
BB and I then went over to North Berwick to meet up with friends for a  socially distanced beach walk, while we are still allowed.  It was bracing, but nice for me to catch up with my friend and for BB to catch up with her crazy kids. We treated them to takeaway bacon rolls and hot chocolates to warm up.   The wind was bitter, so we didn’t hang around, which suited us, as BB had another social engagement this afternoon. He and his football chums went to an assault course place near Pencaitland.  He had an amazing time but was soaked, muddy and freezing by the end. We have seen the phots and it looks like they all had an amazing time, but rather him than me.  TT and I went for a walk on the tracks round about and managed to fit in a walk which almost exactly filled the time that BB was jumping into muddy holes and wading through freezing cold ditches.  He came home and went straight in the shower and I had yet another loads of muddy washing to deal with.
I concocted a tea out of leftovers and things I found in the freezer and did some clearing out.  Later I felt quite weary and both TT and I dozed in front of the TV. We both need a break to recharge for whatever comes next.
Here’s BB and friend on our bracing beach walk – in shorts – in December!!

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