While on my runs

By waipushrink

Purple explosion

The final seconds of the last day of 2020 are now less than two hours away. This year has quite often felt like “interesting times” rather more than we expected 366 days ago. 

My last cycle ride home ended with a surprise. As I went to open the door into the basement garage I was startled by water splashing down from above. I called out to be careful. And was answered with another splash, leading to my terse response to the laugh that accompanied it. “That’s not funny”. 

It was only when I recognised the laugh that I knew that S was the water bomber. She had ducked out of sight by the time I had the camera ready.. 

A relaxing meal on the deck and another, if subdued, sunset. As it got darker those who had saved up some fireworks from Guy Fawkes night, started setting them off in the local area. I got my camera and was pleased to manage without a tripod to get my blip and the second extra.

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