Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

The Flirty First

A new year means a new yardbird list for me, and since we are overrun with American Goldfinches right now, what better place to start my list!  I will post another of this species in the summer when they have molted and are bright yellow.  Best guess is that this one is a female - what else would explain the frilly skirt?

By the way, last year I managed to record 70 species of birds in our yard; 45 of them recorded on Blip.  If you'd like to glance at last year's batch, click HERE.  I will hope to exceed these numbers this year, but we'll see.

We are having a fairly pleasant and mild day before more snow tomorrow.  I'd hoped to get out for a walk but my stomach is not happy for some reason, so I'm sipping tea with ginger.  And, as you can see, I managed some time in the hide.  Speaking of which, I had to make some repairs to the hide as it is trying very hard to fall apart.  Nothing a few zip ties can't fix!  If I can get it to last through the winter, I'll have gotten three years out of it which I'll be happy with.

We are hoping that MIL is getting her first covid jab today.  Last word from the senior living facility was that they were starting with the long-term care residents today, so fingers are crossed.  The facility is still on total lockdown, but no new cases for about 2 weeks so fingers crossed on that, too.  I am going through the process of being approved as an "essential caregiver" so that I will also be able to visit her.  I'll need to start getting tested weekly for Covid, but that's fine with me.  

I am kind of glad the holidays are over.  It was all so strange this year, and there is still this darkness hanging over us.  I guess I just really want to get to the point where vaccines are readily available, and where the news isn't filled with death and sickness.  I'm a little envious (and mystified) by those who aren't troubled by the loss of life, or have the ability to separate themselves from it somehow.  For me, the idea of so many people losing loved ones is hard to bear.  

Anyway, enough of that.  I'm okay, and I know brighter days are ahead.  I'm even feeling like I may make it both Costa Rica and Columbia this year - not to mention, finally see my parents!

So, keep being careful, staying safe, being kind.  And if you need to savor a little piece of chocolate now and again, so be it.


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