An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Photography Challenge Day 2...

A Random Activity

I was a bit stumped by today's challenge subject as I, like many and I am sure you will relate, have been living a Groundhog Day experience for a while now and random activities are few and far between.  Every day is the same.

Then, when I sat down to make a birthday card for a friend's birthday later this month, my eyes were drawn to my little pots of Brusho and I had a lightbulb moment.  

Brusho is powdered paint pigment and in my inexperienced hands is totally uncontrollable.  The results are always completely random.  Perfect!  So there you have it.  My random activity :-)

Hydrotherapy regime started again.  I was up and in the pool by 8am.  I was a bit creaky getting in but once I was in and my pool music (music that makes me want to dance and move)  was blaring out, I was back in the zone.  I am in the pool for an hour and a half and it's by far the fastest time of the day, which I suppose means I must enjoy it :-)

After lunch we watched the First Minister's covid briefing putting the Scottish mainland and the Isle of Skye back into full lockdown.  With cases increasing at alarming rates I can't see how any other decision could have been reached.

According to reports we are around four weeks behind the crisis facing London at the moment and by taking tougher measures now, it is hoped we will avert such a crisis happening here.  Depressing to be back at square one, but hopefully, with the vaccine being rolled out, we will get on top of it this time.

I've been moaning about people not complying with the restrictions, particularly young people having parties / raves etc etc then this evening saw an interesting interview with Professor Stephen Reicher, a Professor  of Psychology at St Andrews University, that really made me think.  

He stated that the press are focussing on reporting stories of non-compliers because that story about 20 teenagers flouting social distancing  and having a house party is much more exciting and controversial than the story of millions of people staying at home, complying with the rules.  He stated that news coverage focussing on these sensationalist but ultimately rare incidences, are skewing our understanding of where the problem lies, as well as having the potential to make large numbers of people think oh well, it they're not following social distancing, then neither am I.  

Of course he said it a lot more eloquently than that.  If I find a link to his comments, I will add it.

And Boris made this announcement at 8pm.  I wish I had seen the Bullshit Bingo card (see extra) to accompany his announcement before it was broadcast.  Would have been fun to play along :-))

Right, off to look out that Lockdown To-Do List I drew up last March.  Still plenty tasks awaiting ticks.  Alternatively, pass the gin.

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