Dolly's Day

By dollydoug


I needed to go to the village today to post a parcel ( returning online purchases ) and replenish the fruit supply.  As the snow/ice seemed to be thawing fast I decided to go out in the afternoon as I thought the conditions might be better.  They might have been better but they were still not ideal. 

I was surprised that there was so much ice around.  The pavements were treacherous.  No gritting had taken place and the hard packed ice was really slippery. The shot on the left of my collage shows part of my route to to the village. Most people walked on the road but I didn't fancy that as the traffic was coming up behind.  So I walked on the grass which was a bit easier. But the grass ran out further down so I had to go on the path and be very cautious .

The village was quite busy but social distancing was still possible.  There was nobody in the Post Office so I was in and out quickly.  Then to the greengrocers, Herons and Tesco.  By this time my shopping trolley was full and heavy.  And its uphill all the way home. Around half way home I had the choice of sticking to the main path or going back through the allotments.  I chose the allotments.  It wasn't icy so it was easier to walk but it was very muddy and some of the puddles were deep.  By the time I got home my feet were soaked.  My collage shows my route through the allotments.

Musical link - WINTER Song by Sara Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson

After unpacking, cleaning and putting away the shopping I was ready for a hot drink and a sit down.  Watched an episode of Vera.  Then I made prawn stir fried rice for my tea - very tasty.  TV this evening - The Masked Singer and The Voice.

Steps today - 7,800


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