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By HeidiAndDolly

A Rare Sight - Sonning-on-Thames

I was walking along the river in Sonning-on-Thames this afternoon. The sun had been shining but it became grey as I walked. I don’t mind so much. It’s a total tonic for me to be outdoors and along some water of some sort! And the ‘open space’ was virtually free of any other human beings!!

The river was very high and wide but the paths weren’t too muddy at all which surprised me after so many ankle-deep muddy walks around the lake. There was even a slight sunset. See Extra photos - a sunset AND a boat! Actually, there were 3-4 narrowboats. I wonder if during lockdown they are allowed to stay there - the mooring rules usually only allow 24 hours.

I was going to blip the sunset picture, but decided to post this one instead - part of the village. Sonning is a really beautiful place, but it’s usually heaving with cars - both parked along the streets AND going through the village. I’d hate to live there because of that. This road leads to one of the only bridges across the Thames near Reading. It’s almost always busy and can turn into a bottleneck at rush hour because the bridge is narrow and traffic is controlled by lights. There WERE cars around today but not the volume that is more typical. So I took advantage of it and quickly took this snap, when there was a break between the few vehicles. I may never see it like this again!

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